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November News with Silk

  THE NEW PARTY SEASON ACCESSORY? First off can you believe Christmas is just around the corner! Just thinking of all the fairy lights, party dresses and upcoming events makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning! With the festive season in mind this month’s blog is about how our latest product launch (an exciting one at that) is your perfect party showstopper. False lashes; some love them some hate them and some (like me) can’t seem to master applying them! Firstly lets get through the technical stuff, the lashes are 100% human hair and hand tied meaning they look very natural and won’t irritate your eyes. The glue provided is also vegan so you won’t be putting god knows what in one of…

August News with Silk

Argan Oil and Sunburn So whilst it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that we should always protect ourselves from the sun there comes that time where you forget to apply it or not often enough and you end up looking like a lobster! Sun burn happens to the best of us but it’s about how you treat it that counts. All your friends will continually point out that you’ve ‘caught the sun’ and that you should have worn sunscreen but it’s too late, the damage is done! You now worry about spending the next week in pain every time someone touches you and praying it’s not going to end up in you embarrassingly peeling all over the place. Sun burn is a sign…

July News with Silk

We have been lucky enough to receive a very positive experience with one of our customers who has been using Our cold pressed Argan oil to treat her spots. Here is what she had to say: Spots and Argan Oil So I want to talk about Argan Oil and acne. To give you a little background I am 29 years old and have been suffering with cystic acne since my early twenties, in my teens my skin wasn’t too bad but as soon as I came out of Education and in to the real world my skin problems started. For years I just washed with water and occasionally moisturised, however at around 25 I thought enough is enough and I started looking in to products…

June News with Silk

Did you know we now have a Tips & Tricks page with information on how to use our skincare, hair care and cosmetics! Why not pop on over and take a look now (click the link below) We also have a fantastic promotion on our Steam straighteners, from now until the 2nd June it’s 40% off so click the link below and don’t forget to use code: DAMNSTRAIGHT

April News with Silk

From April we are so excited to share a number of new products available for purchase.     Our brand new Rich raspberries eye shadow palette   The much awaited Highlighting Trio Palette             Our brand new Argan hairspray             The incredible Contour and Highlighting Palette       And four more eye shadow palettes in: Forever Bronze Rose Gold Night Out Eye Contour kit

Silk Oil of Morocco UK on QVC

In June 2016 we released our brand new Argan Oil Infused Steam Straighteners The Silk Oil of Morocco Gold Sovereign Argan Infused Steam Styler is the latest Innovation in Hair Styling Technology. The Argan Steam Styler smooths and transforms unmanageable, frizzy hair, to soft silky smooth hair. The Argan Steam Styler enables you to Straighten, Wave or Curl hair quickly and efficiently in one single pass. The Far infra-red heat energy from the one Pass Gold Nano-Ionic Titanium Plates helps seal in essential moisture from the Argan Steam Treatment Infusion System, eliminating frizz and split ends. How does this innovative technology work? On steam application, the hair cuticle opens allowing all the nutritional ingredients from the Argan Conditioning Treatment to be instantly absorbed. The heat then closes the hair cuticle sealing…

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