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Get GiGi Hadid’s Look with Silk Oil of Morocco

Get GiGi Hadid’s Look with Silk Oil of Morocco


Gigi Hadid always gets it right when it comes to simple glamour. This look is so easy to create with Silk cosmetics.


Step 1: Apply our Argan Antioxidant Primer to the face and then apply our Argan Powder Foundation to matte out and cover entire face

Step 2: To get Gigi’s brows use our Fibre Brow Enhancer Kit in the shade of your choice, use the brow fixing gel to comb through brow hair upwards. For this look we want to see the sparse areas in the brow. If you need a little filling and shaping apply a small amount of Fibre Brow Enhancer to the arch and tail of the brow and nowhere else! We want our brows to look as ‘undone’ and natural as possible.

Step 3: Take our Argan Eye Shadow Pallet in ‘Moments of Steel’ & apply the medium shade to the lash line and softly blend the shadow over the mobile lid. Take a small shadow brush and blend that shadow down the outer, lower lash line.

Step 4: Then take the lightest shadow and apply it to the inner tear duct, blending down the inner half of the lower lash line.

Step 5: Use the Argan 7 –in-1 Bronzer and a blend eye brush to deepen to outer-V of the eye. Then use a small fan brush to apply Argan Body Shimmer to the inner eye lid, blending onto the crease. This will bring a pop of light to the eye and make eyes appear bright and rested.

Step 6: Apply a sweep of Argan Blush in ‘Berry’ to the cheeks

Step 7: Finally apply Argan Vegan Lip Liner in ‘Rose Pink’ and Argan Vegan Lipstick in ‘Blossom’ and there you have it!


You’ll Need:

Argan Antioxidant Primer – (https://www.silkoilofmorocco.co.uk/shop/argan-antioxidant-primer/)

Argan Powder Foundation (https://www.silkoilofmorocco.co.uk/shop/argan-powder-foundation/)

Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer Kit (https://www.silkoilofmorocco.co.uk/shop/fibre-brow-enhancer-kit/)

Argan Pressed Eye Shadow Trio Compact – Moments of Steel (https://www.silkoilofmorocco.co.uk/shop/argan-pressed-eye-shadow-trio-compact/)

Argan 7-in-1 Bronzer (https://www.silkoilofmorocco.co.uk/shop/argan-7-in-1-bronzer/)

Argan Body Shimmer (https://www.silkoilofmorocco.co.uk/shop/argan-body-shimmer/)

Argan Blush- Berry (https://www.silkoilofmorocco.co.uk/shop/argan-blush/)

Argan Lip Liner – Rose Pink (https://www.silkoilofmorocco.co.uk/shop/argan-vegan-lipliners/)

Argan Lipstick – Blossom (https://www.silkoilofmorocco.co.uk/shop/argan-vegan-lipstick/)