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November News with Silk



First off can you believe Christmas is just around the corner! Just thinking of all the fairy lights, party dresses and upcoming events makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

With the festive season in mind this month’s blog is about how our latest product launch (an exciting one at that) is your perfect party showstopper. False lashes; some love them some hate them and some (like me) can’t seem to master applying them!

Firstly lets get through the technical stuff, the lashes are 100% human hair and hand tied meaning they look very natural and won’t irritate your eyes. The glue provided is also vegan so you won’t be putting god knows what in one of the most sensitive areas. They also come in various styles suitable for the goddess in all of us!


Next we’ll talk about application and surprisingly (for someone like me) they were very easy! I trimmed mine down slightly which was easy enough. The glue made them easy to apply as it didn’t dry super quick and enabled me to shift them round a bit (did I mention I can’t apply lashes) in order to get them aligned with my lash line. Once on I decided not to apply mascara as I thought they looked great as they were, although for an evening event I would have.

lashes 1(Vegan Top Strip Lashes in Sultry)

I decided to wear them for a full day to see how they wore and amazingly they didn’t budge all day, so much so I decided to leave them on overnight for the real test. I woke up expecting to find them hanging off or stuck to my cheek but they were still in perfect place! Taking them off was also a doddle, there was no pulling of my lids and they came off easily. Then I simply wiped off the left-over glue and popped them back in the box.

These lashes have really changed how I feel about false lashes and will be a firm must have over the upcoming party season.

lashes 2

Click here to view a short video showing all the lashes and how they look applied https://youtu.be/0WJQR4Lrig4


Click here to shop and view the multiple styles http://bit.ly/2zt4VRo